What is SAE CivicProgress Challenge?

9/27/2021 3:38:34 PM ET   SAE CivicProgress Challenge Series

Through the SAE CivicProgress Challenge™ universities will think critically about emerging technology issues relevant to transportation, public policy, and public acceptance of new mobility options. Teams of university students will engage in a concept design based approach to develop a solution which provides an inclusive, universally designed concept for persons with disabilities. Immersed in SAE International’s Government & Industry Conference universities will present their solution in various ways including a technical design presentation and a showcase opportunity on SAE International’s Government & Industry show floor.

The SAE CivicProgress Challenge™ is a student engineering design competition in the SAE Emerging Technology Series, which provides an opportunity for students to think critically about current and future emerging technologies in the mobility engineering industry. Each program within the SAE Emerging Technology Series challenges universities to create a team of multi-disciplinary engineers to collaborate, design, present, and defend conceptual designs to industry professionals.

The formal education objectives of SAE CivicProgress Challenge™ include:

  • Participants will have the ability to design current and future automated mobility technologies for persons with physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities.
  • Participants will demonstrate an ability to design a technically capable solution that demonstrates a universally designed solution for all.
  • Participants will develop writing skills based on SAE Standards Technical Paper Format.
  • Participants will cultivate an awareness for public approval of universally design in automated programs/services/technology that benefit all humankind.
  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to create a Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to use a Preliminary Design Review Presentation to present and defend in-depth conceptual designs.
  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to communicate their solution to industry professionals at their own SAE Government & Industry Floor Showcase Booth.
  • Participants will demonstrate the ability to work on a multi-disciplinary team to solve a real-world industry problem outside of the classroom.

Learn More by downloading the rules at www.saecivicprogresschallenge.com/go/downloads.